Rane TTM57mkII

I’ve been wanting a Rane Sixty-Two mixer for a while now. I was actually thinking of investing in one a few months back, but then I thought: NAMM 2015 was just around the corner! I didn’t go to NAMM this year, but I was keeping up with all of the new products being announced and one particular product I was super excited for was the new Rane TTM57mkII…

Look at this sexy mixer…

ttm57mkii_flat ttm57mkii_left

Images from dj.rane.com


For now, I don’t know everything about this mixer besides the fact that it looks like someone slapped it with some of the sixty-two’s looks but I do know that they brought the joystick back from the original TTM57SL mixer and silicon pads for cues and triggering SP-6 samples. The mkII also has dedicated software effects controls built in, but lacks onboard external effects like the sixty-two has.

Check out the mkII’s full list of features on Rane’s website here.

The mkII is currently being advertised at $1,750 MSRP. Not too bad of a price since it’s fairly similar to the sixty-two, but for just a bit more cash, you’d be able to own a sixty-two. Maybe Rane will come out with an updated sixty-two in the summer? Only Rane knows…


What are your thoughts on this updated TTM57 mixer? Post any of your thoughts in the comments below. It might help me decide which mixer to get in the future :).

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